Microsoft Store to (FINALLY!) Remove Installation Folder Restrictions

If you’ve even had any sort of prolonged experience with the Microsoft Store, or Xbox Game Pass for PC for that matter, you’ll very likely be aware that both apps have something of an issue when it comes to where it will allow you to install games and applications. Put simply, and yes, this doesn’t apply in all circumstances, you generally can’t install them exactly where you would like them to go. And this isn’t just restricted to folders either. Many users often complain that due to a very bizarre design quirk, you can only install things to your system’s root drive (the HDD/SDD your operating system is located on).

Following a report via DSOGaming, however, after annoyingly sticking with this system for many years, Microsoft may finally be preparing a new update that will (finally!) see these restrictions lifted! – Yes, Halejulah, you may finally be able to install them exactly where YOU want them to be!

Microsoft to Finally Remove One of its Most Annoying Requirements?!

Although the issue is somewhat complicated and can have a number of contributing/differing factors, the Microsoft Store generally tends to only allow installations into folders that the operating system has both created and approved Specifically, ones that come with Windows-based folder permissions. – And no, I have no idea why exactly it does this, but I presume it has something to do with its UAC security settings (User Access Control).

With these restrictions in place, however, users have often found that despite the app happily recognizing all of their storage devices, it would often resolutely deny you any option other than to install the game and/or program to one particular drive (as noted above, often the one the Windows installation is located on).

Although this could be changed and/or worked around, the bottom line is that it isn’t an overly simple process. One which, I think most would agree, is not in the remit or knowledge of the average user. As such, with Microsoft now removing this requirement, I daresay more than a few users will be very grateful for it!

When Will It Happen?

At the time of writing, it’s unclear exactly when Microsoft will introduce this new update to their Store and Xbox Games applications. Although pending confirmation though, I think it would be safe to assume that this will be applied to all currently supported operating systems. (which at this point now is, I believe) just Windows 10 and 11). – As someone who has personally encountered this problem though, all I can do is give a deep sigh of relief and whisper ‘thank god’ under my breath. – This was an annoying requirement, and I’m glad to see that Microsoft has finally seen the sense to ditch it!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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