Microsoft Study Suggests 16% Of Internet Users Don’t Care About Privacy

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Privacy has been a hot topic of debate on the internet recently,  the likes of CISPA, PIPA, SOPA, ACTA and many other proposed internet legislation have threatened to impede on user privacy. This has provoked widespread debates between internet users about what is sensible and acceptable in terms of surveillance. A recent study by Microsoft of 4000 consumers in four different countries (UK, USA, Germany and France) reflects this growing privacy trend as 84% of consumers are concerned about their online privacy. However, this still leaves 16% who aren’t concerned at all about their online privacy.

In addition only 47% of people say they take action to protect their privacy online, meaning 53% take no action at all. This would suggest that many people who are concerned about their online privacy don’t know how to take action to protect it, or simply cannot be bothered to do so.

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Microsoft also said UK consumers were more likely to take protection measures for their privacy compared to America, French and German internet users:

“In the U.K., consumers are most likely to take action: 51 percent of U.K. respondents say they are taking measures to protect their online privacy, followed by 48 percent in the U.S., 46 percent in France and just 44 percent in Germany” Microsoft said.

Microsoft’s full infographic can be seen below and it makes for very interesting reading.

Are you concerned by your internet privacy? Do you take measures to try and protect it?



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One Response to “Microsoft Study Suggests 16% Of Internet Users Don’t Care About Privacy”
  1. Wayne says:

    I don’t think these people ‘don’t care’. They’re probably just ignorant of the dangers.

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