Microsoft Surface to cost $199

/ 5 years ago

Microsoft’s Surface tablet was a very stirring release indeed, creating a mixed bag of feelings across the world. Some were delighted to see Microsoft’s first venture into hardware whilst others were threatened by it. No information was leaked before the surprise announcement from Microsoft and nothing has really been leaked since – until now. According to sources the Microsoft Surface will retail for just $199 making it price comparable to ASUS and Google’s Nexus 7 tablet.

A session was held at the Redmond giant’s TechReady15 conference where all of the launch details for the device were laid out. If everything goes according to the plan detailed at that conference, the Surface for Windows 8 RT will be launching October 26th, unsurprising considering that Windows 8 is supposed to release the same day, at a very compelling price of $199.

With a price that low Microsoft will be barely breaking even or incurring a small loss for each device sold, hoping to make up for those losses or low profit margins with Windows 8 App store sales. If this price tag is true, it seems likely Microsoft’s OEM partners will be outraged at what can only be described as significant price under-cutting. It may force the whole tablet industry to reconsider its ARM tablet pricing.


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