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Microsoft Wants ‘Sweeping Visual Rejuvenation of Windows’

Microsoft hasn’t exactly been keeping it a secret over recent years that they’ve been planning to introduce some new visual features to the Windows 10 operating system in order to attempt to give it a more ‘up-to-date’ look and feel. – Now, whether this is necessary or not is clearly a matter of opinion, but it’s hard to deny that since the release of Windows XP, and perhaps more so Windows 7, the operating system, by and large, has offered a pretty familiar feeling when it comes to its interface options. – Familiar or stagnant though, is a matter of opinion.

Following a job listing posted by Microsoft, however, they’ve dropped a fresh hint that they have big plans for Windows 10 by suggesting that the new successful applicant should be capable of bringing a ‘Sweeping Visual Rejuvenation’ of the operating system.

Microsoft – ‘Sweeping Visual Rejuvenation of Windows’

Now, it should be noted that since the job listing was posted, it has been amended more than a little to remove such a stark and bold requirement from their prospective employee. In a nutshell, they’re significantly playing down the overall importance now of ‘updating’ the presentation of Windows. It still, however, remains pretty clear that the job role will be looking at ways in which the operating system can be ‘improved’ both in terms of desktop and ‘Surface’ platforms.

What Do We Think?

Personally, I’m not entirely certain that Windows 10 needs any ‘big and sweeping’ changes to the interface. Yes, it has largely remained pretty much the same (overall) since Windows 95, but that’s not a bad thing. They’ve stuck with it because not only did it work, but even despite the release of newer operating systems, there hasn’t largely been any difficulty in transitioning how it functions for users. It is for similar reasons that car designs have largely remained exactly the same for nearly 80 years. – It just works!

Some new and flashier functionality, however, might go down well with some users. For me though, Windows 8 tried to do something different and, quite frankly, I don’t think I’m alone in absolutely detesting that operating system! And this is coming from someone who both owned and used Windows Me.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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