Microsoft to Announce a New Fable & Perfect Dark Game?

It’s certainly been more than a little while since we’ve seen a release from either the Fable or Perfect Dark universe. So long, in fact, that I daresay many of you were wondering if those franchises were still actually active. – Well, following a Twitter post from user ‘Tom Warren‘ new information has appeared suggesting that new releases from both of these games may be set to be formally confirmed in the next few months!

Microsoft to Announce New Fable and Perfect Dark?

In the post, it has been found that two new Twitter accounts have been registered making reference to both of these gaming franchises. Now, while these could clearly be fake, the curious matter is that the ‘account holders’ for both of these Twitter channels are registered with an official Microsoft e-mail address. Not, incidentally, which practically anyone can get. They are instead full-blown e-mail names which are usually reserved for official employees.

In other words, with these appearing to be registered by people internally at Microsoft, it’s a pretty strong indication that formal confirmation can be expected in the very near future!

When Will We Know?

One can likely expect that the new Fable and Perfect Dark releases are being planned for the Xbox Series X which, on the plus side, means that a PC release is also likely on the horizon. As for when it will happen though? Well, the best indication is that a formal announcement will be made around July/August when Microsoft should (all going well) reveal some gameplay footage from their upcoming console release.

For the moment, however, take it with a grain of salt!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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