Microsoft to retire Windows Live Messenger in favour of Skype

/ 5 years ago

I’m a heavy user of both Windows Live Messenger and Skype and have been for many years, using it as an outlet for both personal and business related matters, even going back so far to when Windows Live Messenger was called MSN, but now it seems Microsoft are willing to lock Windows Live Messenger away and focus their efforts onto Skype instead.

There are no definite dates as of yet, but it seems Microsoft will be retiring Windows Live Messenger within the next couple of months and will somehow integrate it in with Skype instead, making it the most powerful IM software on the planet.

The change has already started with Microsoft moving users over to the Skype platform, through use of the Windows Live Messenger backend and around 80% of Skype messages are now being processed through the Messenger backend.

Sources say that an official statement from Microsoft could come as early as next week confirming this news and as we know with Skype 6.0, you already have the option to login with your Facebook or Microsoft credentials.

Source: The Verge

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