Microsoft Touch Mouse Artist Edition

/ 7 years ago

The new Microsoft Touch Artist Edition will soon be available at an estimated price of $79.95 this is a limited edition incarnation of the Microsoft Touch Mouse, the makers claim the mouse is much easier and quicker to navigate using the multi-touch gestures with up to 3 fingers at the same time, the mouse has been built specifically for Windows 7.

We asked New York-based artist Deanne Cheuk, known for her illustrative typography, to develop a new design that captured the motion of the Touch Mouse. Deanne worked to integrate circuit boards and symmetry in her line work design. The result is the new Touch Mouse Artist Edition pattern — etched with an intricate, calligraphy-like motif — that echoes the tracing motion a person performs over the Touch Mouse.

  • 1. One finger – Scroll, flick, or pan any direction for quick navigation. Sweep your thumb to go forward or back.

  • 2. Two fingers – Snap to see your windows side by side, or maximize and minimize.

  • 3. Three fingers – Show all open windows or reveal your desktop.

  • 4. Contoured shape – Superior comfort that’s designed to fit your hand.

  • 5. Plug and Go – Leave the Nano Transceiver plugged in when you’re on the go, or stow it in the mouse.

The mouse uses the BlueTrack Technology which allows this multi-touch mouse to work virtually anywhere on any surface, the device dimensions are 120mm (4.72″) by 62mm (2.44″) and comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

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