Microsoft Wants Apple MacBook Users to Switch to Surface Pro 3

/ 3 years ago


Microsoft wants people to switch over from their MacBooks to the company’s Surface Pro 3, something it thinks will happen more with its latest “Making the Switch” site, something the company has just launched. The new website offers users a look at Windows basics, questions and answers on moving over from a MacBook to the Surface Pro 3. It also includes using the Surface Pro 3 with an iPhone, iCloud and iTunes.


Microsoft offers up some tips for users so that they can better use the basic functions on the Surface Pro 3, such as right clicking, searching, accessing system settings, installing applications and much more. The company is wanting to lure in iPad and MacBook users to its Surface line of devices, with its current Surface Pro advertisements attacking the MacBook. The company has recently launched the November “Winter Wonderland” holiday ad, showing off how versatile the Surface Pro 3 is compared to the Apple MacBook Air. Check it out below:

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Source: MacRumors.

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