Microsoft Will Be Offering Free Access To Netflix & Hulu – XBL Refunds To Follow

/ 4 years ago


A couple of days ago we were hearing rumours that Microsoft may have been looking to change the way in which users of online streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, with the need to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription to use the services no longer needed. At the time we were speculating that any changes may have been announced at this years E3 show. Fortunately however, it seems that we don’t need to wait as long as we thought with Microsoft now announcing the change in their online subscriptions.

Starting next month, Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO Go will be free to access (although their individual subscriptions will still be required) though the popular games console and in addition, anyone who has bought an XBL Gold subscription purely for these services will qualify for a partial refund, if requested. After the services moves over to the new setup next month, users will be able to quest a refund on their subscription, although the actual amount that will be refunded will be based on when the package was originally purchased, when it is due to expire and when the cancellation was requested.

Users are being informed though that refunds will take a notable amount of time to take place – anything up to eight weeks in fact, as working out how much is owed is not going to be an easy task. All of this though shows as a positive step in the right direction for Microsoft, however we still do not know as of yet if any other existing services will be moved behind the pay wall in exchange for the above services.

Source: The Verge

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