Microsoft will launch Surface Pro in January

/ 5 years ago

Microsoft’s surface Pro  tablet will be available from January starting with the price tag of $899 which will include 64GB of storage, whereas the 128GB counterpart will cost you $999. Both versions have the same specs and come with a stylus. But without the touch/type cover.

Speaking of specifications and compared to the RT version, you’re getting a 1080p resolution as opposed to 1366x 768 in Surface RT, Core i5 with Intel HD 4000 Series Graphics with a mini DisplayPort with maximum resolution support of 2560 x 1440 with 4 gigs of ram- and a Windows 8 pro OS.

Although the specification looks very exciting compared to the Windows RT counterpart, the battery life maybe a concern as Engadget  pointed it out in their re-edited article that Surface Pro that since comes with the same 42 W-h batter as RT version, one may expect the battery life to be 4 1/2 hours.





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