Microsoft Will Launch Two 3D Touch UI Windows Phones In 2014

/ 4 years ago


Microsoft 3D Touch UI is an interesting new gesture and touch based UI that is supposed to respond to various things, for example it is rumoured to end a call when you put the phone back in your pocket, answer a call when you lift the phone up to your head and mute the phone when you cover the speaker area with your hand. Apparently the new UI will be reserved for two fairly high-end Windows phones, both slated for this year. The first is codename “McLaren” and it boasts a 1080p 5.2 inch display, 20MP camera and 64GB of storage. There is also expected to be a second larger model, boasting a 6 inch screen size. This could possibly be replacing the current Nokia Lumia 1520.

Below is a video on how Microsoft’s 3D Touch UI technology works. The technology is set to be used by Microsoft as a differentiating feature for high-end Lumia devices, this is because currently the consumer base has a hard time seeing why a device like the Nokia Lumia 925 is better than the Lumia 520 for example. The differences may seem obvious to the tech-savvy user, but to your average smartphone user the line isn’t so clear cut.


Source: NeoWin

Image courtesy of Microsoft

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