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Microsoft Will Offer Extended Windows 7 Support At A Cost

Microsoft Offer Extended Windows 7 Support

Like it or not, unless you are a rather specific member of the business sector, Windows 7 has only 1 year of official support left. If you do, after this point, decide to keep your operating system, please note that Microsoft will be effectively washing their hands of you. Well… not entirely.

In a report via WCCFTech, Microsoft has announced that they will be offering extended support for Windows 7. There is, however, a catch. Namely, that you’re going to have to pay for it! – What? You didn’t think they’d extend it out of the goodness of their hearts did you?…

How Will This Work?

With support set to officially end in January 2020, Microsoft is giving users the option to remain ‘supported’. This will, however, carry a price tag of around $25-$30 per device. In addition, there is a strong indication that this will be the price for only a year and this will likely double for coverage in 2021-2022.

Windows 10 Is Calling…

We appreciate that a large number of people really like Windows 7. These are probably the same people who clinged so grimly onto Windows XP. It shouldn’t, however, come as any shock that Microsoft is quite keen to get everyone onto Windows 10.

As such, while you can pay for the support, the charges involved will make a number of people have to really think on the situation. Carrying forward without support (and by proxy updates) does have it’s risks.

Do not, therefore, be surprised if Microsoft gives Windows 7 users one more chance to make the upgrade to 10 for free. Time is, however, running out!

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