Microsoft Working On “Bing Live Chat” Instant Messaging App

/ 4 years ago


Instant messaging Apps are becoming common place among big companies these days and it seems nearly every company has one. Yahoo has had one for ages, Google is developing “Babel” aka Google Hangouts and now Microsoft is reportedly working on an instant messaging application for its Bing search engine. This new chat service, which is currently called “Bing Live Chat”, is in beta and would allow users to talk to each other within the browser.

The service would allow users searching for the same keywords to chat straight from their browser to others, using their Microsoft accounts. This means that if you want to use the instant messaging feature you will be required to log into your Microsoft account every time, or if you don’t have one then you would be required to make one to use it.

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It is not yet known when Microsoft plans to release this new feature, or if they even plan to release it at all. What are your thoughts on “Bing Live chat”? Is there any use for it or is it a feature with a lack of utility?

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One Response to “Microsoft Working On “Bing Live Chat” Instant Messaging App”
  1. Wayne says:

    Whatsapp is the only instant messenger I need thank you.

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