Microsoft Xbox Music Service Revealed

/ 5 years ago

A big chunk of consumers today are avid iTunes users, and not through choice half of the time either. Anyone who owns an iDevice including iPod, iPhone or iPad is quite restricted to using iTunes for their music needs, but Microsoft think that its time for them to have another go at releasing some competition for Apple.

iTunes adds to the convenience factor by working seamlessly (or not as the case may be) on your iDevice and Microsoft are hoping to release their new service with the same idea and it’s called Xbox Music.

Xbox Music will launch tomorrow (Tuesday 16th October) and will be released on a variety of platforms including PC, smart phones and of course tablets and Microsoft hope to see users enjoy this service across these devices including consoles too.

This is a great time for Microsoft to release something like this with the new Windows 8 Operating System on the brink of release and the service should coincide quite nicely.

Our sources tell us that the streaming features will be free for six months on the new Windows 8 OS but after this, users will be expected to pay $9.99 a month for the Xbox Music Pass.

A gimmicky idea but we’re wondering how they will compete with the likes of Spotify which offers a completely free service and all that’s needed from you is to listen to a few adverts here and there.


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