Microsoft’s Head of Communications Doubts Innovation of Google and Apple

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It isn’t every day that you see big tech companies responding to what gets written in the tech media. Yet Microsoft’s Head of Communications, Frank Shaw, did exactly that. He wrote a letter to Farhad Manjoo in response to his article “How to Survive the Next Wave of Technology Extinction” in the New York Times. The controversial article recommended buying Apple hardware, using Google services, buying Amazon media and using DropBox for online storage, while ignoring all other players in the industry as they are at risk of “extinction”.The extensive response from Frank Shaw, a letter that was published on BusinessInsider, criticises the NYT article for being short-sighted and ignoring innovation. Microsoft’s Frank Shaw also used it as an opportunity to criticise Apple, Google and Amazon in one go (as these were Farhad Manjoo’s three primary recommendations to avoid tech extinction).

“The core argument…seems to be that none of these companies are likely to go away, and that spreading your bets reduces the risk of “lock in.” Ironically, these recommendations do lock you in. To expensive hardware with fewer choices and to aggressive content screening and intrusive advertising.” Stated Frank Shaw.

While this may not be to everyone’s interest I strongly recommend you read the NYT article and Microsoft’s response. It certainly is an interesting debate that has wider implications for the technology world and no doubt Microsoft’s response will ruffle a few feathers across the industry. What do you think about Microsoft’s claims? Are they innovating more than the rest?

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