Microsoft’s Hotmail rebrand is successful

/ 5 years ago

If you haven’t already heard or seen recently, Microsoft has started the rebranding process for its Hotmail service. Transferring accounts from to but allowing users to retain their addresses or optionally change to an email address. Just two weeks into that change and Microsoft claims that that 10 million users have voluntarily signed up for Impressive given Microsoft hasn’t even started to guide or force users to yet.

Microsoft introduced a fresh new look for Outlook users that adheres to the Windows 8 design style. Windows Live general manager Brian Hall described it as the cleanest email service available today. Analysts have predicted that would make Microsoft relevant again in email and force Gmail to tidy up its interface.

Microsoft also took this same announcement to mention SkyDrive is also getting a facelift. The changes are summarised below:

“The web interface has been given the Windows 8 style treatment and there’s now improved search, sorting, and drag-and-drop functionality. Furthermore, Microsoft has spruced up some of the coding so tasks like bulk photo uploads take less time to perform when using the desktop application for Windows 8 and Mac OS X.

A SkyDrive app will be launching in the next few weeks for Android users, mirroring versions that are already available for the iPhone and Windows Phone devices.”


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