Microsoft’s New CEO Search Narrowed Down To Five Names

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Reuters report that the process to appoint a new Microsoft CEO is reaching its final stages as Microsoft have narrowed down the hunt to five figures. As expected former Nokia Boss Stephen Elop is still in the running, he is joined by Ford CEO Alan Mulally, Microsoft’s own Satya Nadella who is executive vice president of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise group and former Skype president Tony Bates. The fifth name has not been revealed by the report as it has yet to be disclosed by Microsoft.

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According to the report Microsoft believes these discussions will take a few more months, so the company will not get a new CEO by the end of 2013. Despite the search being narrowed down to the aforementioned 5 names Microsoft’s committee is apparently engaged in discussions with additional high profile executive figures from within the IT industry.

Read more details about each of the candidates in the full report here.

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3 Responses to “Microsoft’s New CEO Search Narrowed Down To Five Names”
  1. George Gourlay says:

    Just give me the job and i will bring back Windows 95 LOL

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