Microsoft’s New ‘Scroogled’ Campaign Attempts To Strike Fear Over Android Users

/ 5 years ago

Microsoft is working very hard not only to match with Google’s existing offerings by planning to implement an 2-step authentication, but also have been directly attacking Google’s Gmail and Google Shopping services by saying that Google’s policy allows them to use the name, email addresses and neighborhood’s details who purchase and/or use apps made available on Google Play.

The company has been using the ‘Scroogle’ campaign for a while, and in many ways it shows how desperate Microsoft is to in some ways convince Google’s users to switch to their products. Its unclear if Microsoft’s fear mongering attempts are working or not, but Microsoft was the one who’ve launched Twitter’s #droidrage Anti-Google campaign in Twitter, the hashtag series of records highlighting malware issues. However, end-users have lashed out, creating #windowsrage twitter hashtag and doing the same.

This campaign points toward’s Google policy of providing basic information to developers, a step which has known to create a lot of concern among existing and new Google product users, including Android and Google Play consumers.

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Microsoft added couple of anti-Google campaign video to strike fear within Google’s existing userbase in the hopes that it will be enough to convince them to switch over to Bing and Windows Phone over Google’s Android OS.

During the video clipping, the narrator says,”If you can’t trust their app store, maybe you can’t trust them for anything.” There is a very high risk that Microsoft is playing and in the process it may do more harm than good as it will alienate many developers who require such information to build/enhance/change their existing apps- or to build a new one. Still, Microsoft doesn’t seem to be slowing down the ‘Scroogle’ campaign.

Source: Ars Technica

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One Response to “Microsoft’s New ‘Scroogled’ Campaign Attempts To Strike Fear Over Android Users”
  1. Frandy Goh says:

    Before asking someone to switch over to your windows phone, make sure that OS is a great OS first.
    Many end user doesn’t really concern about the security of their email. you can basically create a fake email to use in your GPlay.
    use it to purchase a free app which doesn’t need your credit card information, download the .apk outside of Google play store.
    can you Microsoft do that?

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