Microsoft’s New Surface 3 Runs With Windows 10

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Microsoft’s new Surface 3 will launch on the 5th of May, but some people in the industry already got their hands on the new dual-usable systems. The Surface 3 runs the full version of Windows 8.1 and is said to be working with Windows 10 too once that is released. That’s pretty much a given, but how does it handle the current beta builds?

Pretty good from the looks of it. The guys over at Neowin wanted to know for sure and they tried it out, and the results look promising. The direct update through Windows Update did take quite some time but completed successfully.

There are a few hiccups and things that don’t work yet, but that was to be expected. The onscreen keyboard disappeared during the login password entry, but the Type Cover and the pen both worked well and as they should. A few app crashes were noted too, but nothing too major and no bluescreens. Well, that’s not entirely true, there was an occasionally blue screen that required a tap on the power button to fix after logging in, but no BSODs.

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Users who decide to test this for themselves once the Surface 3 arrives should remember to create a backup USB drive in case things go wrong and you need to revert back to the original system. You should also keep in mind that this is a passive cooled system and the update put significant stress on the tiny unit.

Thank you Neowin for providing us with this information

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