Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Wont Have Backwards Compatibility

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Microsoft’s decision to switch to AMD’s chips for their next generation console to replace Xbox 360 may come at a higher price as reports coming in that the new generation console, rumoured to be called a “Xbox 720” does not have backwards compatibility with the older games.

The next generation console uses AMD’s ‘Jaguar’ x86 architecture inorder to allow smoother game development and to encourage more game studios to make their games available for their console. But at the same time, its effectively killing the backwards compatibility with the current-generation games. Earlier, Microsoft was criticized for its ‘always on’ method.

But Sony who will also be using AMD’s processor has already found a solution to circumvent this compatibility issue by using Gakai to stream the older games.

So far Digital Foundry’s Rich Leadbetter explained that the entirely different hardware configuration does not help when it comes to backwards compatibility. He added, “That said, you could say the same thing about the transition from Xbox to Xbox 360, where Microsoft made efforts to ensure that a significant catalogue of older Xbox titles designed with x86/Nvidia hardware in mind worked pretty well on the PowerPC/AMD combo in the Xbox 360. Indeed, some of them actually improved in the transition, with added anti-aliasing.”

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“Given enough time and resources, a similar form of backwards compatibility could perhaps be implemented on Durango, but the sheer time and effort required to provide flawless compatibility with a handful of titles, let alone a whole library makes this rather unlikely.”

Microsoft is all set to announce the new Xbox console on 21st May and launch in November with the price tag of $500 or $300 with subscription. Microsoft didn’t make any official comments, except the apology that they issued sometime ago. But its also being said that Microsoft will be releasing a cheaper $99 version of Xbox 360 along with the launch of the next gen Xbox console.

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One Response to “Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Wont Have Backwards Compatibility”
  1. ET3D says:

    If the rumoured $99 Xbox is true (and that price isn’t dependent on a Gold sub) then that will not only be a good solution but will make things much harder for the fledgling market of Android consoles.

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