Microsoft’s Surface RT Outsells Google’s Nexus 10

/ 4 years ago

Surface Pro

Microsoft’s Surface has been dubbed disappointing by a lot of market analysts in terms of sales. Microsoft’s first tablet received quite a mixed bag of reviews from technology publications and a lot of consumers were in the same place with their opinions too. With all that said, you’d think that there aren’t (m)any big name products out there that have sold worse than the Surface? Well you’d be incorrect in making that assumption because new data has revealed Microsoft’s Surface RT comprehensively outsold the Google Nexus 10.

According to some recent figures Google’s Nexus 10 has sold just 680,000 units since its launch while Microsoft’s Surface RT has sold 1.1 million. Though the much more expensive Microsoft Surface Pro came in with 400,000 unit sales which is quite a bit lower than Google’s Nexus 10.

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Microsoft’s Surface certainly wasn’t as big a hit as many expected it to be. All the hysteria around its launch suggested it would be a tablet that turned the market upside down and threw the iPad out the window, but that just didn’t happen. However, all the negativity is unfounded too because we can clearly see the tablet has actually sold quite well.

That said Microsoft still hasn’t released their own figures so take these with a pinch of salt. And you can’t help but feel that Microsoft probably should of sold quite a lot more considering how strong their marketing operation was with the Surface tablet.

What are your thoughts on the Surface RT outselling the Nexus 10? Do you think it is a better tablet?


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  • arlandi

    ms wanted to jumpstart the tablet market. not outsells its competitors. afterall, microsoft mainly sells platforms not hardwares.

    • d6bmg

      Makes no sense to me. 🙁

  • helpnxt

    I work in retail selling these gadgets in the uk and atm we dont even have the nexus 10 to sell as its meant to be exclusive to their website but we do have the surface but even with thay I’d say its the Samsung galaxy tabs which are selling well due to the price drop and all the free items you get with them, the galaxy tab 2 7″ is even selling more than the nexus 7 atm

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