This is Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant, Cortana, Running in Windows 10

/ 3 years ago


It seems Windows 10 is getting some major news lately, even a year out from release, but the latest build of it features Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant. There’s a nice video below that you can check out, that shows you a bit of what Cortana will offer in Windows 10.

WinBeta got its hands on the version of Windows 10 that includes Cortana, which is a very early, pre-release of Windows 10 with Cortana. The final version of Windows 10 will include a fully-made Cortana, around a fully-ready Windows OS. This is very, very early. Cortana doesn’t really have a personality just yet, with Cortana not answering questions like “Who are you?” and more. But, we should expect the final version to feature those abilities.

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Source: TechSpot.

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  • Nathan Lloyd

    screw cortana we want the paperclip back

    • Seddrik