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Mikes Rant Christmas Edition – Gifts that Even Santa Can’t Afford

Christmas is the season of giving, but at the same time, we can (or should) only really give what we can afford to. While some of you might be hoping for Santa to bring you something amazing this year, the sad reality is that there are some things that (for a lot of you) will simply be too expensive for him to buy.

Mikes Rant – Christmas Edition – Gifts that Even Santa Can’t Afford

So, in this very festive Christmas Edition of Mikes Rant, I’m going to take on the role of the Grinch and present to you 5 amazing gifts that you’d probably really like to get this Christmas, but that Santa Claus simply doesn’t have enough kidneys to get you!

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti

Without a doubt, one of the best graphics cards currently available on the market is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080Ti. There is, however, one small problem stopping all of us rushing out to buy one. Namely, that they’re bloody expensive!

On the more positive side of things, they have (finally) started dipping below the £1000 price point and you can grab this very nice MSI Ventus for just £989.99.

If Santa does end up getting this for your Christmas, however, just don’t expect him to provide you with an SLI setup.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

While many think that Apple (as a tech company) has stagnated over the last few years, one thing is undeniable. The camera/picture quality capable of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is simply amazing.

While possibly not as expensive as that gold iPhone pictured above, you’re still into the best part of a 2nd-hand car to get one of these!

With a price tag of £1,049, however, I think I’ll be sticking with my iPhone 6 for at least one more year.

Samsung Q950R (75 inch) 8K HDR 4000 Smart QLED Television

8K capable TVs offer some amazing visuals, but boy are they expensive! Admittedly, while we all might like to own one of these, the chances of being able to watch much in this format are more than a little limited at the moment. Hell, we’re only just starting to make a transition over to 4K.

For $5,999, as amazing as this Samsung model is, I don’t think I’ll be watching the Queens Speech on it this year.

HP OMEN X Emperium 65 Gaming Monitor

Sticking with the display theme, the Omen X Emperium 65 offered by HP is undoubtedly one of the most premium gaming monitors currently available to buy.

With a 65″ screen size, 144 Hz refresh rate, 1ms response, and 4K resolution, it ticks all of the major boxes for your high-end gaming enthusiast. It also, however, comes with the rather eye-watering price tag of £3,799.

Put simply, you’re probably going to have to have a difficult discussion with your significant other as to why you really, really, need to have this!

8PACK ORIONX2 Dual System Extreme Overclocked PC – Mikes Rant Top Pick!

Many people like to get pre-built systems to save all the hassle of actually getting all of the components and assembling them. Oh, and to save the 10 seconds of dread when you push the ‘on’ button for the first time.

If you’re going to get one though, then clearly the sky is the limit as to what level of performance you can buy. Of these, the 8Pack OrionX2 Dual System Extreme Overclocked offered by OverclockersUK certainly comes with an impressive specification. Two high-level Intel processors and THREE (yes, count them!) Nvidia Titan graphics cards.

This is an amazing PC to own. Now all you need is a spare £32,999. No, I didn’t misplace the decimal point there either! I’d be writing these ‘Mikes Rants’ from now until next Christmas before they’d pay for this PC!

Mikes Rant – Christmas Edition – What Do You Think?

Well, with Christmas very shortly upon us, we can but hope that Santa might bring us something on this list. All I can say, however, is that you shouldn’t count on it!

If you enjoyed Mikes Rant, you can check out more via the link here – Alternatively, for more of his Christmas related rantiness, check out the link here! They’ll be a new rant (nearly) every day between Christmas and New Year!

Mike Sanders

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