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Mike’s Rant – Is YouTube Killing The Platform With Adverts?

Is YouTube Killing Themselves With Adverts?

It’s been more than a little while since I had a chance for a good rant. Then again, I feel I’ve had very little to grumble about recently which is certainly a little unusual. Perhaps I’ve been a bit too busy…

Like many of yourselves, whenever I get some time to kill, it’s often spent perusing the avenues of YouTube to see which bizarre streets I’ll end up on. For example, last night I ended up watching a strangely interesting video about fire ants.

If I have, however, noticed something that has really started to annoy me in recent months, however, it’s the manner in which adverts have become far more notable, pervasive and ultimately annoying!

Have Adverts Increased?

You might have considered within the last couple of months ‘are there more adverts on YouTube now?’ and you’d be right to do so. There are!

As of November 2018, YouTube really ramped up the manner in which adverts were displayed. Put simply, the amount that you would see in a video was doubled. In addition, a particular emphasis was placed on unskippable adverts, often now running 2 in tandem.

I’m Not Adverse To YouTube Adverts!

While I am aware that there are ways you can bypass the adverts, on the whole, I’m not against them. YouTube gives me a lot of entertainment and, until recently, didn’t ask much of me for it. This ramp up in adverts, however, has gotten simply ridiculous. I can literally see 6-10 adverts appear in a video only 30 minutes long!

Part of me is genuinely starting to believe that YouTube, in an effort to sell their advert-free premium subscription service, has simply upped the ads to make us want to pay to permanently remove them.

Have you noticed how we’ve all been offered a 1-months free trial of it?

Enough IS Enough!

As above, I have nothing against adverts being used to make me effectively pay for YouTube. Things have, however, simply gotten ridiculous. You can’t watch a video anymore without constantly having adverts appear to disrupt content that ironically YouTube didn’t make and probably doesn’t pay the creator for anyway!

I’m not saying that I’m turning off YouTube, but at this point, I’m more than open to an alternative coming along! – I’m pretty sure many of the content creators are too!

What do you think? – Is Mike Right? – Let us know in the comments!

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Mike Sanders

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