Minecraft for Xbox 360 selling like Wildfire

/ 6 years ago

The Xbox 360 version of the indie game Minecraft has been staggeringly successful, more than most people could have ever imagined. Minecraft on Xbox 360 has managed to keep up its launch momentum, it is still selling as many copies today as when it was first released.

The Xbox Live Arcade is moving over 17,000 copies of the indie game per day, if estimates and sources are correct. These sales figures have left Mojang with a profit double that of last year.

With the rising popularity of Minecraft on Xbox 360 it is more important than ever for the indie developers Mojang to keep pushing ahead with improving, optimising and patching the game on all platforms to maintain the reputation of Minecraft and stop sales from flatlining.

It is difficult to anticipate when the market saturation point might come for Minecraft, but when it does different ideas will be needed how to take the game forward and maintain a sustainable revenue stream. One thing’s for sure though, with 17,000 copies a day moving through Xbox 360 alone – expect that day to come sooner rather than later. Minecraft MMO anybody?


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