Minecraft To Get A PS3 Release On Wednesday, December 18th

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Mojand has confirmed that Minecraft will be available for download for Sony’s PlayStation 3, from the PlayStation Store, on Wednesday, December 18th. They mentioned that people should expect it to cost the same as the Xbox 360 version.

Sony has confirmed that the PS3 version will feature all the content available on the Xbox 360 version, and that development will be made in parallel on both devices from now on. In addition, downloadable skins will also be available from the PlayStation Store after the release. There is also a hint of some Sony-specific skins to be made available: “Sony-specific skins and texture packs would be cool! Fingers crossed, eh?”

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Another feature worth asking was the availability of remote play/compatibility with the PS Vita or if it will be also available on PS4. Unfortunately, Mojand did not have any answers to give, but as always, there will be a day-one patch available. That is confirmed at least.

Minecraft fans that own a PS3 will be anxiously waiting for Wednesday, so get your PS3 consoles ready to start building your world and fighting off those pesky zombies. And hang in there, only two days left to go!

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