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Minecraft RTX is Officially Out of Beta!

Initially releasing around 8 months ago in a beta version, I think it’s been somewhat ironic that one of the best looking games to utilize ray tracing technology so far has been Minecraft RTX. I know, it sounds mad, but if you actually look at it in action, despite the initial impressions that it might be as clunky as the somewhat simplistic graphical representation of the game, the ray tracing effects within it honestly looks absolutely stunning.

If you have, however, currently been sat on the fence in trying it out, then we have some amazing news to tempt you. Following an official announcement by Nvidia, Minecraft RTX has now officially left beta and is available to try out, with all it’s RTX bells and whistles, for all Windows 10 users!

Minecraft RTX Leaves Beta!

In making the announcement, Nvidia has said:

“Earlier this year, NVIDIA, Mojang and Microsoft released the Minecraft with RTX Windows 10 beta, a special Insider standalone client that introduced stunning path-traced ray tracing to the world’s most popular game. Now, ray tracing and DLSS are available to all, having become part of the official Windows 10 client!

You can play all ray tracing worlds and maps on Realms and servers with other gamers using cross-platform Minecraft Bedrock game clients (e.g. Minecraft on Nintendo Switch), and everyone can collaborate, build and explore together. Minecraft with RTX players will by default see everything enhanced with a special Physically Based Rendering texture pack, which interplays with the ray-traced effects to further enhance your experience. Players on other platforms will see Minecraft’s standard visuals.

Using the power of ray tracing and Physically Based Rendering, you can build incredible scenes with lighting, shadows and effects running at previously-unseen levels of detail and accuracy, helping you craft wondrous worlds that’ll make jaws drop.”

Where Can I Try It Out?

Now, to get the best out of this full-blown release of Minecraft RTX, you will need an Nvidia 20XX or higher graphics card which, admittedly, at the time of writing, is easier said than done. – If you do, however, already have one in your system, then for more information about where to grab your copy of Minecraft, you can check out the official Microsoft Store website via the link here!

What do you think? Do you have an Nvidia RTX graphics card? If so, which games ray tracing features have impressed you the most so far? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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