Minecraft Being Used to Recruit Cybersecurity Talent

/ 2 years ago

minecraft cybersecurity

The UK Government has teamed up with Cyber Security Challenge UK to find fresh talent for the cybersecurity industry, using sandbox building game Minecraft as its recruitment tool. Players who manage to get the better competitions and cipher-based challenges within the custom-built Cyphinx skyscraper within Minecraft could earn themselves a “£100,000” career as a “cyber-professional”.

The UK Cabinet Office is backing the scheme, which aims to create an environment to not only find fresh cybersecurity flair, but also engage with those who are already interested in such a career, putting potential employees in touch with noted cybersecurity firms.

“Amidst the chronic shortage of cyber-professionals, there is a wealth of talent which is still untapped,” Stephanie Daman, head of the Cyber Security Challenge, said. “This is the next logical step to inspire an audience who may not yet even know that cyber is the career for them.”

“Historically we’ve seen a shortfall of interest in cybersecurity due to a lack of understanding of the job,” Dr. Guy Bunker of security firm Clearswift, which is also involved in the initiative, added. “This new world allows the industry to inspire young people to enter the field, showing them how to become valuable players in a game that’s ever-changing.”

Thank you The Next Web and BBC News for providing us with this information.

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