Minecraft’s YouTube Videos Have Had 47 Billion Views

/ 3 years ago


Minecraft is not just the game people love to play, it seems: the plethora of Minecraft videos on YouTube, showing off users immense creativity, have amassed a whopping 47 billion views between them, according to online video firm Octoly. That figure is three times the number of watches of Grand Theft Auto videos, ranked as the second most popular video game on YouTube, with Call of Duty (10.2 billion) and Angry Birds (6 million), in third and fourth, respectively.

The number of Minecraft viewers has rocketed in the last five months alone, jumping by 16 billion over that period. On their website, Octoly said, “In June, our Octoly360 system found 81,000 separate YouTube creators talking about Minecraft. Today there are 147,000 creator channels with Minecraft videos, almost double.”

The 47 billion watches could equate to somewhere near $2.5 billion value in ad revenue.

Source: The Guardian

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