Minimum Requirements For Steam OS Detailed

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A recent FAQ posted by Valve answered many questions about the SteamOS that was released yesterday and while downloading the operating system has been tricky for some due to high demand, we can at least take a look at the minimum system requirements as those of you who are planning to build your own SteamBox can’t get started without them!

It comes as no surprise that the SteamOS doesn’t need a hefty gaming rig to run it, just like Linux it doesn’t take much to run and not every game on the Steam store is a graphical powerhouse, there are loads of indie titles that would run nicely on a PC with the power of a calculator.

  • Intel of AMD 64-bit capable processor
  • 4GB or more memory
  • 500GB or larger disk
  • NVIDIA graphics card (AMD and Intel graphics support coming soon)
  • UEFI boot support
  • USB port for installation

It really is as straight forward as that! And I bet more than a few of our readers have systems like this tucked away in their garage, so if you’ve been eager to try out SteamOS, it doesn’t take a lot to get going. Of course, there are some benefits to installing the OS on an epic gaming rig too, not all the games will run on these system requirements, obviously.

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Thank you Gamerevolution for providing us with this information.

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  • Brian


    Intel of AMD 64-bit capable processor “

    • Robert Rector

      XD I didn’t spot that right away

  • Robert Rector

    this must be a type, needing a 500gb hard drive and 4gb’s or ram to just run the OS, they need to either fix the mistake, or steam actually gear the OS towards using less of your system to more fix it towards gaming

    • Paul Twitchy

      It’s not a typo the 4GB is obviously for the games. And 500GB for the space required to have most installed.

  • Drayton

    While no AMD, no go.

  • Lawrence Chan

    Yeah I’ll definitely have a small powerhouse tucked away in my garage…

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