Mio MiVue 766 WIFI Smart Dashcam Review

Video Tests

Testing the video quality of a dashcam is quite easy. All I have to do is to mount it in my car and go for a ride. On this page, you’ll find videos with various weather scenarios, showcasing the camera’s abilities in each.

I did have more interesting videos, or so I thought. They had sadly been overwritten due to the use of a small memory card. So, if you want to keep more than the last couple of days of video, use a large memory card.

Driving in Rain

Rainy weather can be very tricky for a camera. The movement of the wipers, the distortion through the water, and focus changes due to the raindrops can be hard on low-tech cameras.

Driving at Dusk

There is a special light when the sun goes down. It’s also one of the times where a lot can happen due to the sun blinding other drivers or they’re just tired from a long day at work.

Driving at Night

My night-time video also features rain, making it twice as hard for the camera. Here you can check how well the MiVue 766 WIFI handles this scenario.

Driving by Day

Daytime video is the easiest to handle for a camera. The sun is high in the sky and there is neither too little nor too much light.

Gyro Events

The G-Sensor detects events happening, and sometimes it triggers when there’s no real danger such as in the two events in this video. Hitting a bump in the street or a speed bump a little too fast can do this. This isn’t a bad thing as we much rather have too many events recorded than too few.

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Bohs Hansen

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