MIOPS Smart Trigger Review – A Powerful and Versatile Gadget!

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MIOPS Smart Trigger Review - A Powerful and Versatile Gadget!

Turn the lights off or dim them, set up your speedlights, visualize the “crime scene” and let’s shoot… some High Speed photos with the MIOPS Smart Trigger system! Today we’ll be taking a look at a smart camera trigger system which is designed to help you capture beautiful shots, “freezing” the action of various high speed (or normal speed seen in slow motion) moments.

Imagine breaking light bulb after being shot with a BB-gun (airsoft gun), the flame and smoke, the flying pieces of glass. Breaking beer bottles, the “pop” of a champagne bottle cap, cereal landing on milk, punching liquid nitrogen, and the list goes on. Well, it doesn’t have to follow that motive necessarily. The MIOPS Smart Trigger can do a whole lot more. It can be used to capture lightning strikes, as a trigger-trap to capture wildlife, an intervalometer to shoot timelapses, remote trigger with multiple modes controlled via your smartphone over Bluetooth connection, and the features do not stop here.


MIOPS doesn’t provide any kind of “specifications” (well, there’s not much to mention in this case as specs). I’ll gauge the device’s weight by comparing it to my smartphone. Here come the numbers:

  • Weight: less than 128g
  • Dimensions (unit): 6.1cm x 9.8cm x 1.8cm (width, height, depth)
  • Screen: 1.38″ (diagonal) (square, 2.7cm by 2.7cm) – 8bit color (if I had to guess)
  • Hot Shoe mount
  • Battery Life: can’t tell, never had it run out of battery during a photo session
  • Durability: it is durable, although it isn’t waterproof so take your precautions when playing with it!

Packaging and Accessories
MIOPS Smart Trigger PackageMIOPS Smart Trigger Package Rear
MIOPS Smart Trigger Package Side 1
MIOPS Smart Trigger Package Side 2
The MIOPS Smart Trigger comes in a compact package (similar to a smartphone’s package) which includes:

  • The MIOPS Smart Trigger
  • Rechargeable 1020mAh 3.7 Li-ion battery (BL-5C)
  • USB cable (used for charging the battery & updating the trigger’s firmware)
  • User Manual
  • The Camera Shutter Cable of your choice (to connect the MIOPS Smart Trigger to your Camera)
  • Flash (Speedlight) connection cable (to use the MIOPS as a Flash trigger)

MIOPS Smart Trigger Package Contents

You can order extra cables via their website of course!

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