Missing Teens iPhone Found at Sea After 8 Months

/ 2 years ago

Missing Teens iPhone Found at Sea After 8 Months

Sometimes technology can hold answers, be it from Google and the internet to the things we have and record on our smartphones. This is the hope of parents of two teenagers who disappeared last year, with their iPhone now found its hoped that the device has answers about the teenager’s disappearance.

Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen were 14 years old when they went missing on July 24th, 2015. Austin and Perry went out on a boating trip when they went missing resulting in an eight-day search covering over 50,000 nautical miles without any luck finding the teens.


Recently a Norwegian supply ship discovered their ship off the coast of central Florida, with Austin’s iPhone still locked away in the capsized boat. Blu Stephanos, Austin’s father, released a statement saying that they were working with “the phone’s manufacturer [Apple] who seems willing to help us try to get the phone operational again”. Given that the phone was submerged in salt water for over eight months, the chances are high that the device could be damaged beyond repair.


While the phones cloud backup feature was never enabled the families hold out hope that they may be able to retrieve any information that may have been saved on the phone such as a message. Saying that once they obtain the information they will pass it on to the authorities, the hopes are that information on the phone or the boat may lead to some answers after months of questions.

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