MIT Start-Up May Have Solved the Smartphone Battery Life Problem

/ 2 years ago

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SolidEnergy, an MIT start-up, has built a unique model of lithium-ion battery that can hold double the amount of energy as a current lithium battery.

The feat was achieved through the creation of an ultra-thin copper anode, less than a fifth of the width of a traditional graphite anode, and a special electrolyte – the substance that moves the charge between the anode and cathode – that can operate at room temperature.

The advancements mean that SolidEnergy have developed a battery that enjoys twice the lifespan of current models, and it has garnered major interest already. Google’s modular smartphone endeavour, project Aria, is one of the first adopters, and founder and CEO Qichao Hu says others are knocking on SolidEnergy’s door. “Think of the largest phone makers out there,” Hu said. “They approached us.”

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Source: BGR

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