Mobile Game Dev Millionaires feel…Guilty?

/ 4 years ago


The New Yorker released an article about the “pressures” that game developers can incur making millions of dollars on cheap games.

Taken from the article is the following quote from Rami Ishmail, a game dev from the Netherlands that developed Ridiculous Fishing which is available on iOS:

Ever since I was a kid I’ve watched my mom wake up at six in the morning, work all day, come home, make my brother and me dinner—maybe shout at me for too much ‘computering,’ ” he said. “My first thought that day was that while I was asleep I’d made more money than she had all year. And I’d done it with a mobile-phone game about shooting fish with a machine gun.

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Would you feel guilty? Or would you be pulling off a Scrooge McDuck and swim in all your cash? Tell us what you think.

Thanks to The New Yorker for this interesting piece.


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