Mobile phone provider ‘Three’ will not charge extra to upgrade to 4G

/ 5 years ago

Three is set to provide access to fast data network during this year. The company assured that any customer with a smartphone such as the iPhone 5, Lumia 920 or Xperia Z will qualify for the free upgrade.

According to Ernest Doku of price comparison website, he said that the move could really force other networks to reconsider their 4G deals. As of now, Provider EE were the first to provide 4G access but it also received complaints about its pricing to customers as the existing users had to pay £5 more for the same amount of data that was allotted to them in their 3G contracts. The company did reduce its entry price from £36 to £31 but only for their new customers.

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But Ernest added,”That being said, there’s nothing stopping Three from putting tariff prices up across the board ahead of a 4G rollout, so it’s still a waiting game before we find out the true cost of super-fast mobile data in the UK.”

Via: BBC

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