Mobile Phone Theft down Thanks to New Legislation

/ 3 years ago


Thanks to legislation, significant drops in mobile phone theft have been reported.  This legislation has led to the introduction of kill switches by most manufacturers. Major cities such as San Francisco, New York, and London have been excellent examples, reporting 40 percent, 25 percent, and as much as 50 percent drops respectively on iPhone theft.

These kill switches allow users to simply lock the lost or stolen device, or go as far as bricking devices to render them useless, preventing sales illegally. New York State Attorney had this to say:

“The huge drops in smartphone theft have occurred since the kill switch has been on the market are evidence that our strategy is making people safer in our cities, and across the world.”

Initial reaction to such legislation was mixed, but with this show of success, the hope is similar legislation will be passed everywhere. For those unsure how to do so, here are links on how to do this with both iPhone and Android based phones.



Source: TweakTown

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One Response to “Mobile Phone Theft down Thanks to New Legislation”
  1. Gaurav Pandey says:

    Next is to spread this message in the public/social media so that those thefts can understand its useless now. The more they will know the less they will attempt to steal 🙂

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