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Mod Adds First Person Play to The Witcher 3

It’s true that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has received plenty of mods since it was released on May 19, 2015, and even though some of these mods were definitely more impressive than others, there’s one that could very well surpass them all. That’s because this particular mod dramatically alters the way the game is played, as it offers a unique opportunity to view the world from a first-person perspective. The Witcher 3 was not designed to be played this way, but it looks like the mod’s creator has come up with some ingenious tricks to tackle the issue of combat and horse riding. As the mod is activated, the player can move and admire his surroundings freely, but once combat starts, the camera moves back into third-person.

The same happens when Geralt goes on horseback, and the only bug that I’ve seen so far is that Geralt’s head seems to disappear as the camera is transitioning from third-person view to first-person and vice versa. Still, that’s hardly something that makes the game unplayable, and I’m sure that many of you will be willing to look past this small issue once you’ll get to walk around and feast your eyes on Toussaint in first-person. All we need now is VR compatibility, right?

Cernescu Andrei

Candrei is a writer for eTeknix who loves the latest technology news and gaming.

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