Modder Introduces Frame Generation Into Starfield

One of the big controversies surrounding Starfield is its lack of DLSS with some claiming that AMD had intentionally blocked it despite AMD claiming otherwise. Fortunately for those that want frame generation a modder has already just one day after the Early Access launch, created a frame generation mod.

PureDark Starfield Frame Generation Mod

Modders work very fast with new games and Starfield is no exception with already 168+ mods on NexusMods and unsurprisingly also nude mods because some people can’t go five minutes without porn. Aside from that, a new mod has been released by PureDark who is known for implementing the various upsampling technologies DLSS, FSR and XeSS into games that don’t feature them. PureDark has previously introduced these technologies into Skyrim, RDR2, Fallout 4 and Elden Ring and today they have introduced DLSS2 and XeSS into Starfield after one day of Early Access. PureDark claims this speed came from the fact that they were capable of reusing 95% of the code from Elden Ring or Jedi Survivor which is impressive.

This mod has brought in some solid performance improvements which were shared by u/LightMoisture who was Beta testing this mod for PureDark. LightMoisture claims that an RTX 4090 at 4K Ultra 100% DLSS (DLAA) went from 78FPS to 121FPS in the city and the same on a 4080 from 59 to 90FPS. In the below image, you can see over 130 FPS on the RTX 4090 which is what you’d hope to get from such a card.

Where Can I Learn More?

This is an almost essential addition if you want more FPS with your NVIDIA graphics card without having to sacrifice the settings too much, I’ve heard the game doesn’t run too well though I haven’t played myself to find out. This mod unfortunately is not free and is behind the £4.50 supporter tier on PureDark’s patreon which may be a worthy investment if you are desperate for more solid frame rates.

Jakob Aylesbury

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