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Modders Keeping ‘Unreal’ Fresh With New HD Texture Pack

The game may be older than some of our readers, but that doesn’t make Unreal any less brilliant. It is one of the most iconic single-player FPS titles ever released on PC. Furthermore, it also gave us Unreal Tournament, which is arguably one of the most fun multiplayer experiences even by today’s standards. I could be biased, as I am 35 and grew up with it, but if you haven’t played it… why not give it a go?


AHaigh01 has released a new texture pack for the game. It improves over 2000 textures and clocks in at 2GB. The mod is called Unreal HD Textures 2.0, and not only that, but it also works with Unreal Tournament; since both games share assets. However, it does not address UT99 textures, so keep that in mind.

About the Mod

“This Mutator will replace all those old, blurry Unreal/RTNP skins with detailed, high-res versions. It works in Unreal 227 and UT99 (with the Oldskool Mod). My primary goal with this project was to keep the skins looking as faithful as possible, while removing the obvious outdated “pixelation” of the original skins. In order to achieve this, each skin has been manually reworked. There has been no simple filters or cheesy sharpening techniques used during the skinning process.

Each part of every skin has been manually air-brushed and blended. Hundreds of layers were created to apply overlay detail textures, better looking shadows, better highlights, and more. The end result is faithful skins that look almost the same from a distance, but far more detailed up-close. In the case of bigger meshes like the Titan, detail is evident even when viewed from a distance. Most skins have been increased from the original dimensions of 128×128/256×256 to 2048×2048/4096×4096.”

More Mods!

The modding community is something I have so much respect for. People are out there working their asses off, for basically no money, to keep old games looking their best. For that, I thank them all.

You can download the mod here! However, I can’t recommend enough that you check out many of the other amazing Unreal (and other games) mods on

Peter Donnell

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