Modern Warfare 2 Criticism Rises Over Unnecessarily Bad Spawn Locations!

Modern Warfare 2 is a pretty decent game. With that being said though, and putting Warzone to one side, that’s not to say that it doesn’t have its problems. One of the more notable matters complained about since its release has, however, and in my opinion at least, been a long-standing problem with Call of Duty in general. Namely, completely stupid spawn locations in game modes like TDM and FFA.

In terms of the overall criticism, this is admittedly generally a complaint which typically falls under the mainstream radar. It’s there, and people do hate it at times, but it’s typically infrequent enough of an issue to avoid any notably huge outcry. Following a Reddit post from user ‘u/ZestyRanch1219‘, however, it seems pretty clear from the response that people really want Activision to pull their finger out and fix this one!

Modern Warfare 2 – Spawn Complaints Rise!

In the video above, the player dies (as often happens in Modern Warfare 2) but immediately spawns, so far as I can tell, right in the firing line of the guy who just killed him just 4 seconds before. – This has, therefore, led to the somewhat amusing situation of him getting a singular kill cam showcasing his death not once, but twice!

For as funny as it is though, I do genuinely sympathise with them. My friends and I actually don’t play TDM specifically because the spawn locations can sometimes be ridiculously stupid. Sometimes they flip without warning causing you to think you’re relatively safe when, in reality, you’re not! – Sometimes they stubbornly refuse to shift even when you are literally getting repeatedly killed in a spawn camp.

It’s an annoying problem for sure, but one which has persisted throughout not just Modern Warfare 2, but in my opinion the last 4 Call of Duty releases.

So, Activision, if you’re reading this, please, please, try and get a handle on this!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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