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Modern Warfare Developer Responds to File Size Complaints

I think many would agree that Call of Duty Modern Warfare is an excellent game. If not for its single-player campaign, then undoubtedly for the multiplayer modes. It does, however, have a pretty big problem at the moment. Namely, just how big the games file size is these days!

With the launch of another new 30GB update this week, most PC and console users are finding that this one individual game is currently squatting up to around 200GB of data. Quite a substantial amount and particularly so if you have this installed on an SSD.

Well, following a lot of criticism about the ever-increasing size of Modern Warfare, the games developer Infinity Ward has issued a response.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

In a report via LadBible, the first thing to note is that they fully acknowledge that the file size is quite large. The bad news is, however, that the game (as a whole) is probably going to get even bigger as more and more free updates are made to it.

The good news is though that there are solutions if your storage space is starting to run out! This will, however, only be any use to console players out there!

“Modern Warfare and Warzone are both massive experiences with tons of ways to play and new content being added regularly, and we are cognizant of the overall download size.

As a team we are committed to updating the game with new free content of course, but have also taken steps for overall footprint management, including a DLC pack management screen for console users. This allows players to pick and choose which DLC packs they want to keep, and remove the others to recover more space.”

What Do We Think?

So, while console users do have the option to ‘remove’ parts of the game they don’t play, PC users are still stuck with the full version which (checking my files) currently eats up around 186GB of data. And, with only around 50GB left on that particular drive, I’m kinda hoping that future updates are going to be a little more benign. I daresay though that, sooner or later, I’m going to have to prepare to do a little jiggling to keep this happy in the long term!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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