Modified Version Of “Google Now” Available In Any Android Supported Language

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Up until now, Google Now app could be used only when the device is set to English US and would not allow non-English users to use the application in their native language. However, Sletmo from XDA has found a way to modify the source code in order to use Google Now in any Android supported language format.

For example if you want to search for restaurants in German, or a place in French, now you can. And the results are also displayed accurately in the language set to the device. This is quite a remark for the guys at XDA, but nothing new since they are not new in this business. We just have to wait and see if an official version of Google Now will be released however.

To install the modified version of Google Now, all you have to do is replace the existing system app, either Velvet.apk or GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk,a with the modified version. Naturally, you will need root access to do this. We also recommend making a backup of the original file, in case anything goes wrong.

Thank you Endgadget and XDA for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Endgadget.


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