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Montech Century Gold 650W Power Supply Review


While the front of the packaging goes rather bold in terms of its branding, we have to admit that it’s a little disappointing that there are no images of the power supply anywhere. While you do get one picture of the PSU on the side, given that it’s black on black, it’s not very clear and, in terms of presentation, doesn’t give you much in order to determine exactly what you can expect in terms of aesthetics.

Put simply, a little less marketing and a little more substance might have helped here.

On the plus side, the box is absolutely crammed full of useful information including its key features, performance charts, cabling information, and much more. Put simply, there is very little about this power supply that you’re not told about on the packaging. The only moderate downside is the aforementioned point that you don’t actually get a good look at the PSU itself.


As this is a power supply, you clearly don’t expect much in terms of accessories. What you are, however, given is certainly useful. You get a couple of product manuals, a nice branded canvas bag in which to store your cables, and the screws necessary to attach this to your case. The only mild disappointment is that you’re not given anything in terms of cable management (zip ties are getting quite common in PSU models these days), but, in a nutshell you get what you need, but with nothing much else.

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Mike Sanders

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