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Montech Century Gold 650W Power Supply Review

How Much Does it Cost?

At the time of writing, we were unable to confirm any exact retail prices for this Montech Century 650-watt model we reviewed. Based on other PSUs in the range though, that we were able to find with retailers, it looks like this particular variant will be sold for something in the region of £75. – If that is the case, then for a fully modular 80-Plus Gold design, this represents some decent value for money. Admittedly, not overly amazing as this price point does find it in a lot of competition in a market sector where standing out from the pack can be the difference between success and failure.


Offering some pretty hefty features, the Montech Century easily managed to back that up with some strong results in our testing. Although there were a few areas in which the scores could’ve been better, on the whole, it’s hard to deny that this is a very competent power supply that should easily be able to handle the workload of gaming systems or computers designed for day-to-day office applications.

Practicality & Functionality

Coming as a fully modular design, this power supply has the key practical benefit of the owner only having to connect to the components they need. With decently lengthed cables as well, this should help ensure a good level of system management which, by proxy, helps promote a good airflow throughout. Better airflow, lower temperatures for pretty much everything within. The 80-Plus Gold efficiency rating, which, incidentally, absolutely performed way beyond that official remit in our testing, should also, at least in theory, result in you spending less money on your electricity bill as the power is delivered more effectively.

The lack of a ‘hybrid’ fan function does mean that you are pretty much stuck with the fan operating at its preset level. In that regard though, it’s still amazingly quiet meaning that if you value a system build around low acoustic output, this should be absolutely perfect for you.

Should I Buy One?

As noted above, it’s not as if consumers have a limited choice when it comes to power supplies. We do, thankfully, now live in a time where you’re practically tripping over many decent options. For the Montech Century, however, offering a strong level of performance at a highly competitive price point, if this is on your radar, it would make a perfect addition to any gaming PC build. It’s potent, well-built, powerful enough, and comes with a huge 5-year warranty. Exactly what the savvy consumer should be looking for!

Montech Century Gold 650w Power Supply Review

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Mike Sanders

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