Moobox ProXT Wire-Free HD Camera Review

It is time for me to have fun with another camera and today we’re working with Moobox and their latest solution. The Moobox ProXT is a wire-free outdoor camera, capable of 1080p day and night recording.

Moobox ProXT

The Moobox ProXT comes as a starter kit with a hub and one camera. You can get additional cameras too, both the current and older models. There are outdoor models such as this one, indoor models, and 720p models available. But we’ll focus on the one in the office, the outdoor system.

The camera is a palm-sized wire-free IP65 rated outdoor 1080p Full HD security camera. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which makes the setup very easy. You don’t need to have a power outlet where you place it or drill holes for it. With common usage, the battery is said to last about 4 months. That’s impressive.

One of the reasons that the camera will last so long on a single charge is that it is motion activated and as such, doesn’t record all the time. It turns on and records when it’s needed, otherwise, it’s idling with minimal power consumption. The camera also features IR night vision for 24/7 usage. There’s a good chance for more activity at night, making it a vital feature in any surveillance camera.

Besides the camera, there’s also a hub to which the camera connects. You can connect up to 4 cameras to a single hub. The tiny device features a built-in video recorder with 16GB capacity. There’s also 7 days cloud storage included for free.

Easy Mounting and Configuration

It is a breeze to install the Moobox ProXT. That includes the physical setup, the configuration, and the mobile companion software.

Physically mounting the camera is as easy as screwing the magnetic holder in somewhere. Two screws and you’re done with this step. But first, you should connect the camera with the hub. Again, that’s extremely simple as it just requires you to push a button for 2 seconds on each device. As far as the software goes, install it and scan the QR code provided and you’re done with that too. That’s truly as easy as it can get. You’ll be done with it all in just minutes.

Moobox Features

We touched on most features above, but there are a few more that are worth mentioning. The camera is 100% wire-free thanks to the built-in 3200mAh battery. The Moobox ProXT offers push notifications and live streaming as well as recording events to the cloud and internal 16GB hub storage. Thanks to having both a microphone and a speaker, the ProXT is also capable of 2-way audio. and motion detection.

It is also worth mentioning that the camera has a 120-degree viewing angle and records its video in H.264.

Feature Highlights

  • Palm-sized and wireless IP65 rated camera
  • Full-HD video recording with free 7-day cloud storage
  • PIR triggered motion detection
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Nightvision

What Does Moobox Have to Say?

With HD video quality, live streaming, two-way audio, motion detection, instant alerts, and more, Moobox cordless security cameras help you watch over people and places that matter to you – anywhere, anytime.

More information can be found on the official product page by clicking here.

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Bohs Hansen

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