More Details Emerge On AMD’s Next Generation “Volcanic Islands” 20nm GPUs

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Yesterday we broke to you some pretty important news. This was that AMD’s next generation of video cards (likely to be HD 8000) would be released at the end of 2013, which is later than Nvidia releasing their GTX 700 series, but the reason for this is that AMD are advancing to 20nm and a new architecture, unlike Nvidia who are sticking with 28nm and Kepler. According to leaked GPU diagram the new specifications are as follows:


Specifications based on GPU diagram

Below you can see this new Volcanic Islands GPU diagram. With a doubling of the number of stream processors and TMUs, a shrinking of the architecture size and more memory bandwidth, we could see a huge increase in performance from AMD’s next flagship. If the numbers translate into real performance then anything from 50-100% extra performance in the HD 8970 over the HD 7970 seems realistic.

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For those of you who are interested you can see the GCN die layout below. This allows you to compare the two below and make sense of the differences. Although, given the resolution of the leaked image this is pretty difficult.


As always we strongly encourage readers to understand that this story may or may not be true. As with all leaks sometimes they are fabricated, based on misinformation or just something taken out of context. However, if this is true then it looks like we have some huge changes in store from AMD with regards to the HD 8000 series graphics cards.

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  • Oh how I hope this becomes reality.

  • Ryan Swedine

    thinking my next GPU will be AMD… 😛

  • Now we’re getting there. Maybe their high end chips will spell the end for nVidia marketing their mid range silicon as high end stuff.

  • mehmehmeh

    Pleaaseee let this be real and preferably release asap!
    I’m building pc in mid june… not sure what to buy or to wait was thinking of 7970 Ghz Vapor-X

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