More fake Apple stores in China

/ 7 years ago

Fakes are no real news, fake stores was new a couple of day back, so it seem that nowadays anything is possible really, well check this out, 22 more fake Apple stores were found in China the other day, 22!

Apple did file a trademark lawsuit (no kidding!) against the first that were found, and the authorities ordered the stores to close, but it’s a little bit trickier. The actual reasons for the closing is because they used the Apple logo and they didn’t have the right permits for selling.

Basically all those Apple products are authentic, just the stores aren’t. But according to the media, the “Apple fake stores” aren’t the only one of their kind, specially for electronics, where being in China, you can expect to find at least two shops in the same street.

China does have a longer history of intellectual property infringement, which they promised to take care of, to very little effect as we can see.

Now we, customers, don’t exactly care whether the shop is authentic or not, as long as we get the real product, but being Apple’s stores targeted, we will most probably hear more about these fakes.


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