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More Intel 10900K Benchmarks Leak and they’re HOT HOT HOT!

Back at the start of the year, some of the first information for Intel’s Comet Lake-S platform leaked and, even then, I had some significant concerns about the new platform. Namely, that with speculation that the CPUs would require up to 300 watts of dedicated power, my first reaction was ‘these are going to run hot!’. A factor that was given some loose confirmation when a set of benchmark results leaked last month showing exactly this!

Well, following a Twitter post by user HXL, another set of benchmark figures have leaked online and, if you are planning on making the move to Comet Lake-S, it’s not looking good!

Intel Comet Lake-S i9-10900K Benchmarks

From these results, there are two major points that are given some additional confirmation. Firstly, in a full stress test the processor did require a lot of power. Specifically, 235 watts. Additionally though, when you take a closer look at the temperatures, things (again) look very concerning! Achieving 93c, most will agree that this is bloody hot, even in a 100% stress load test!

Unlike the last benchmark results that leaked, however, these go a step further. While it is not known exactly what model cooler was used, it is understood that these results were taken from a ‘good quality’ 240 AIO liquid cooler!

What Do We Think?

With two individual sets of benchmarks showing similar results, it’s almost nailed on confirmation now. Intel’s i9-10900K is going to run insanely hot. It is actually mildly comical to think that if you do plan to overclock this processor, an LN2 solution might be a necessary requirement!

Joking aside though, achieving over 90c on a 240mm AIO liquid cooler is just plain ridiciulous! As such, if you do plan to make this move, you’re going to need a pretty significant cooling solution! If you’re asking me my opinion right now though, I’d say to stay your hand in getting your CPU on order. This Comet Lake-S range could be a literal dumpster fire!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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