More Intel Atom ITX boards on the way

/ 6 years ago

From September Intel will be releasing 7 new boards all of the Mini ITX form factor with Atom processors pre-installed. The boards are all of a similar nature and will all feature either the D2700 Atom or the D2500 Atom.

The Houlton DN2500HND board will have DVI dual link, VGA, Gigabit LAN and a D2500 atom. Whilst the Houlton Legacy DN2500HN will be identical without the DVI port.

The Mount Union D2700MUD board has DVI dual link, VGA, Gigabit LAN and a D2700 whilst the Mount Union Legacy D2700MU is without the dual link DVI port.

The Dry Creek D2700DC board has DVI, HDMI, Gigabit LAN and a D2700 Atom. Finally the Canoe Creek D2500CC will have VGA, DVI, Gigabit LAN and a D2500 Atom.

They all come in the Mini-ITX form factor, using the NM10 chipset and with Integrated UMA Intel HD graphics. The boards will be launched in September alongside the new Cedar View Atom processors.

The D2500 is a 10W, dual core 1.8GHz chip with 1MB of cache, whilst the D2700 is a dual core 2.1GHz chip 10W chip with 1MB of cache.

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  • Robert

    for me personally this is one ugly board 🙂

  • ryanmartin

    Robert;20562 wrote: for me personally this is one ugly board 🙂

    haha i agree but what you have to consider they are not due for release until september the pictured board is a reference sample its by no means finished yet

  • Leo Bien Durana

    I haev to agree with ryanmartin here.